Toups & Co Tallow Balm - Vanilla + Almond


Your favorite tallow balm in a coveted scent - Vanilla + Almond.

Trust me when I say this smells heavenly and is a must have. It's sweet and soft and the thing literal dreams are made of. 

Toups Tallow Balm is a supple whole-skin tallow balm. Forget the chemicals and give your skin whole food nourishment our ancestors used.

This balm is full of natural fats and minerals. It feeds your skin making it soft and supple. It is not fractionated, meaning that each ingredient is in its whole form.


100% grass-fed tallow, delightfully whipped and smooth texture.

Size: 100% recyclable/reusable 2 and 4 oz. glass jars.


grass-fed tallow, organic olive oil, almond extract, vanilla planifolia